In 25 years of working as a professional designer, I have extensive experience in branding, websites, print and e-marketing.


I listen carefully to my clients' briefs and work with them to understand their business goals and marketing needs, responding with creative ideas and innovative solutions. I like to add as much value as possible and draw out considerations that a client may not have thought of. It is always invaluable to get a fresh perspective on how to enhance and extend the appeal of your existing brands and assets. Executing the right marketing strategy and campaigns will lead to success for your company.


My profession allows me to climb into the cockpit of my client's business and assess how best we can promote it. I then steer them in the right direction with good, solid professional advice and a comprehensive range of recommendations in a visual form. Then a design solution is agreed upon and that's when the dream becomes a reality.

Early Life


Present Day

From an early age my main interests and strengths lay in arts and crafts. As a child I guess I was somewhat quiet and observant but having art in my life boosted my confidence and provided me with a creative outlet. Other interests included a fascination with Dinosaurs closely followed by Science Fiction, both of which I remain completely fascinated with to this day.


My family home was a big old and drafty but very endearing Water Mill in deepest Northamptonshire, where I spent much of my spare time either drawing or mucking about up and down the stream where I'd often fish with my brother. Wildlife was always right there on my doorstep, feeding me with new ideas and experiences. I've always had a natural attraction towards art, and I owe this in part to my parents - my father is a sculptor and an art teacher and my mother was an art teacher too. They continue to be a great inspiration and their encouragement has been invaluable to me over the years.



On completion of my National Diploma in Graphic Design at Rugby College of Art, I decided to take a year out to discover Canada.

Whilst out there, I was overwhelmed by the expanse of wilderness beauty that lay before me. Journeying through the sweeping vastness of mile upon mile of rich pine forestation and kayaking across the giant yet very still and peaceful lakes, which would occasionally echo the distant call of elk. It was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget, I'll most certainly return there again - one day. My attention was also drawn to North Canadian wildlife artists such as Michael Dumas, Stephen Lyman and Robert Bateman (three of my favorite painters). It wasn’t hard for me to realise just where they were getting their inspiration from. Having also travelled throughout Europe, I must say that I found Florence and Siena enormously inspiring and influential too.


When I returned from my travels I furthered my education by achieving a HNC in Graphic Design and Typography as well as City & Guild qualifications in both Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash.

Over the years I've used many mediums in my work. I'm a guru when it comes to designing anything in Adobe Creative Suite, but when I'm painting, I will confess - my preferred medium is fast drying oil paints. I find them easier to use than other mediums when it comes to blending. Most of my paintings are of a realistic style so I guess you could say that I'm more of a traditionalist.


I’ve always been a keen camera man too. Filming or taking photos of a subject plays a key role in recording accurate subject references to work from, so my camera as well as my sketch pad travel with me at all times.


It's important for everyone to have 'me time' and when I get a spare moment from my busy day job as a digital communications designer, you'd most probably find me up in the mountains with my camera, travelling, designing websites, or just listening to chill-out music while painting in my studio. I’m always at my happiest when I’m creating.

Professor Pickles Interactive

"It's been 16 years since the conception of Professor Pickles in Turnip Tangle. Animated story scheduled for launch in 2018. Click here!"

Rugby Open, Nov 2017- Jan 2018

"Happy to say that my entry entitled 'Aledo Sunset' was selected for the annual Rugby Open Exhibition at the Town Art Gallery. If you like, you can also view this painting on the Illustration page of my website."

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