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With 20 years of professional working experience as a Digital Designer, I've amassed a substantial portfolio. Here's a small selection of my work.

Brand Design

Book & Magazine Design

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Photo Retouching


HTML5 Animation

"There's nothing more rewarding than seeing your logo being used extensively across a range of promotional material and signage."


Whether it's exhibition design, shop signage or the birth of a new range, your logo needs to be attractive and highly recognisable. For the English Revival logo I took inspiration from researching hand crafted old English decorative furniture. I wanted the logo to be symbolic of what the product stands for so I created a coat of arms made up of 4 elements representing hand finished craftsmanship; British made; an English man's home is his castle; and an oak tree for quality. My client was really pleased with the end result which proved to be highly successful.


I produce my artwork in EPS file format, which means the finished design is vectorised and fully scalable.

Whether I'm designing books, magazines, brochures or catalogues, the very highest standard is carried out at all times.


'Plot, Character and Setting', became a firm favorite with primary school teachers and even went on to be shortlisted for an ERA (Education Resource Award).

Centre Left

For this John Lewis brochure I wanted to create the correct look and feel so I adopted their house style, font and colours to meet the high standards that John Lewis is renowned for.

Centre Right

By designing highly attractive advertorials, user testimonials, thematic product related stories and eye-catching cover designs I doubled the subscribers for Forever Living products magazine.

Far Right

I vastly increased readership numbers by producing Agentbase Online - a powerful virtual magazine which can be accessed on any devise.

It's not all just about looking pretty! When I'm developing websites I always start with a wire-frame structure diagram. With the end user always in mind I like to make sure that navigation around a website provides a clear, simple and engaging UX (user experience).


When I developed the company intranet for Jaguar Land Rover I wanted to encourage staff usage so I kept it clear, simple, attractive and user friendly. Here's an example from one of the many departmental websites where I used this style of layout and navigation.


Depending on the nature of the website that I'm developing I'll mainly use the following technologies: Dreamweaver CSS, Adobe Animate - HTML5, Muse.


Take your marketing literature to the next level with a virtual brochure, catalogue or magazine! Responsive multi-platform e-marketing and e-commerce is a powerful means of reaching your client which displays your literature on-line in a virtual book format, digital flier or email campaign. This method of marketing saves you money on printing and postage and offers a direct and engaging approach to targeting your client.


This highly captivating method of marketing comes with all the on-line benefits of call to action embedded hyperlinks, rolling showcases and links to interactive forms or social media where the viewer can recommend you with a Facebook 'Like' and 'Share' or Tweet you a question. With the right campaign strategy, you'll be able to enhance your brand's reach and presence. To achieve the desired end result the possibilities really are endless, and as a digital communications designer I can offer you the full UX design service.

Photo retouching plays an integral part in enhancing your image or product. Your customer is going to be attracted to a good clear image which proudly displays all it's selling features. When I designed the annual kitchen brochures for John Lewis I 'photo-shopped' every image to ensure a balanced consistency throughout. The average cost of setting up a complete kitchen set shot is about £15,000 as all the units and appliances have to be installed for the photo-shoot and after that everything has to be dismantled again. So, to keep costs to a minimum, I was able to electronically  change the wood finish and colours using my photography and Photoshop skills to display alternative options throughout the ranges. This process not only saved the company many thousands of pounds but also sped up brochure production time, to produce a quality display worthy of the high-end, luxury nature of the products on offer. This following image demonstrates the change from vertical woodgrain to horizontal woodgrain.


'Queen' Rock Case Studies is just one of many DVD sets for which I created the packaging design. I have to confess that I have a particular appreciation for the rock band Queen, hence this example. Other titles included David Bowie, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles to name but a few. I also illustrated the cover of Iron Maiden's DVD Rock Case Studies and have illustrated other rock icons - all viewable in my Illustration gallery.


This is a robust yet attractive colour swatch box which can hold up to 25 wooden colour samples. Having designed and implemented the corporate branding for English Revival Period Kitchens the next step was to extend the corporate theme across other means of advertising such as carrier bags and this box packaging.


Interactive animation has been a specialty of mine for a number of years. It plays a key part in UX, engaging clients while keeping them informed.


It starts with an idea and then a storyboard. I'll then create all of the elements and articulated parts. Then I'll compose the animation, adding the interactivity as I work my way along the time line. These animations demonstrate how the user can become engaged and benefit from fully responsive HTML5 interactive animation with sound to create a more immersive and enjoyable user experience while  they peruse through your website. Try these for yourself!

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